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Kayleigh discovered yoga while studying at university. Barely able to touch her toes, she was first drawn to yoga as she wanted to improve her strength and flexibility but quickly realised there was a lot more to yoga than the physical practice.


Kayleigh started Anella Yoga in June 2017 after completing her Yoga Teacher Training in London. Staying true to her Cornish roots, she wanted the name of her brand to relate to Cornwall is some way... she spent hours scouring the Cornish dictionary and finally found the perfect word, Anella.

Anella means "breathe" and as some of you may know breathing consciously is the essence of yoga and helps us to connect with the subtle energy within. It also keeps us alive...

In 2019 Kayleigh opened Anella Yoga Studio with the aim of sharing the benefits of yoga with as many people as possible.

Kayleigh's teaching style is fun, friendly and encouraging. 


Have any questions or concerns?  Reach out, we'd be happy to hear from you.

LIFT / Anella Yoga, North Grange Industrial Estate, Devoran, Truro TR3 6RF


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