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Exploring Sri Lanka - Hiriketiya

After lots of recommendations we decided to spend 5 nights in Hiriketiya, which is a beautiful horseshoe bay just on from Dickwella. The cheapest way to get there from Midigama would have been to take a train followed by a tuk tuk, but we decided it would be less hassle with all our gear if we took a tuk tuk all the way.

I love tuk tuks! It’s kind of like being on a little rollercoaster that bobs and weaves in and out of traffic. However, there’s nothing scarier than being in a tuk tuk overtaking a car and seeing a huge blue bus on the opposite side of the road overtaking a lorry!! We had several near misses along the way, but I think that’s pretty normal and our driver didn’t seem phased.

Prior to arriving in Hiriketiya we did a little research on where we may want to stay and wrote down the names and prices of each with the intention, as always, to haggle. After checking a couple of spots we decided on Jesmi House which is a homestay just off the beach. The family were lovely and the two children were eager to test their English by asking our names and telling us theirs. The room was spacious with a private bathroom and a balcony that was perfect for yoga practice.

Hiriketiya beach did not disappoint. It was like paradise! We quickly discovered the Juice Bar on the beach and bought our daily passion fruit juice in exchange for a sun lounger for the day. It was the perfect place to chill.

Hiriketiya beach

There are limited places to eat in Hiriketiya and the first thing we noticed was how much more expensive it was than further up the coast. We tried every place out over the course of 5/6 days and both agreed that the food is nothing special.

The best place by far is Dots, which is a cool hostel/cafe just off the beach. They have a varied menu and their breakfast overnight oats and smoothies are YUM! Like the other places it’s pretty expensive if you’re on a tight budget. Dots also offer daily Yoga classes which I highly recommend.

The surf in Hiriketiya is perfect for learners and you can pick up a board for 250LKR (£1.25) for an hour. Sam took me out a few times and I think I’m definitely improving. Sam likes to surf lefts and there’s a pretty good one there when it’s working, however it can get pretty crowded.

Paddling out

One morning we decided to go exploring, in 30 degree heat, with very little water… After around 15 minutes we came across a beautiful, almost deserted little cove which a local man called “Blue Beach”. There were no tourists in sight and it would have been the perfect place to chill for the morning if only we had taken water with us!

Hiriketiya through the palms

I would definitely recommend Hiriketiya for a few days if you’re visiting Sri Lanka, however be prepared to spend a bit of cash! Also, although it’s very beautiful it can get a little boring after a while if you don’t explore further than the beach.

Showing off my new Salunke bag

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